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Thank you for visiting Lorain Borough on the web; check back often for updates!  Lorain Borough Council would like to invite you to attend the Regular Monthly Council Meetings, held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5PM, to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have as a valued resident of Lorain Borough. 

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Lorain Borough Secretary Job Description
Part-Time up to 20 hours per week

Requires intermediate to advanced organizational skills, intermediate computer skills, an understanding of basic accounting, customer service skills, intermediate to advanced communication skills, intermediate time management skills, occasional weekend/evening hours and reliable transportation.

Secretarial Duties:
Phone message taking and returning calls
Handle any irate calls or messages with decorum
Checking email through the day, responding to or forwarding messages to appropriate recipients
Keeping inbox organized and free of unnecessary messages
Filing, typing, scanning, copying
Letter writing
Depositing funds into bank accounts
Bill paying and payroll
Arranging for checks to be signed
Accounting with QuickBooks Pro
Communicating with the accounting firm when necessary
Shopping for necessary supplies
Save meeting minutes, agendas, ordinances, resolution to PDF files for posting to the website
Computer literacy with experience in Windows 7, Microsoft Office programs, Hotmail and general online knowledge of safe browsing techniques.
Keep all Borough computer files, especially QuickBooks, backed up on a separate media device (i.e. thumb drive) in the event of computer failure
Municipal Duties:
Understanding and filing all necessary audits when they arrive and submitting before the deadline
Gathering all necessary information for the accounting firm for yearly state audits
Research ordinances when needed
Modify, print and send nuisance form letters to those requiring them via regular first class mail and via certified mail
Handle lien requests
Handle sewer compliance certificates
Handle moving in/out, excavation permit requests, if necessary
Direct those requiring building permits to the codes agency
Handle all burn permits including providing an updated list for the road crew and the Oakland Fire Department
Handle all arrangements for Spring Cleanup
Handle all Spring Cleanup permits providing an updated list for the road crew the day before cleanup begins
Occasionally discussing legal matters with the Borough Solicitor
Prepare all necessary financial reports for monthly Council Meeting
Prepare prior month’s minutes of Council Meeting for next meeting
Copy and assemble Council Meeting packets of financial information, prior meeting minutes and current meeting agenda
Attend and take notes of monthly and special meetings
Have ability to record meetings digitally for reference
Filing and paying necessary taxes due (some monthly, some quarterly)
Park Duties:
Handle all monies paid in for deposits and rental fees, track in the files and deposit
Issue refund checks after the event is completed; write explanations to those not receiving entire security deposit back
Be in contact with the Park Commission for the status of refunds to be issued


Lorain Borough Veterans Memorial Park Project

Lorain Borough has been working with the Lorain/Stonycreek Hiking Trails and Keller Engineers to revitalize our park and borough land.   We are working on securing grant funding from DCNR and other sources to make our vision a reality.  Here are the plans of what we would like to do.



  2022  dates are filling fast for the Park!

Reserve your event date TODAY! Phone 814-535-2256 after 11AM and before 9 PM

No Sunday calls


2021-22 Burn Permits


You must have a burn permit to burn recreational fires in the borough. If you are caught burning without one you will be subject to fines. Burn permits for this year are effective from 5/1/2022-5/1/2023

Applications will be in the newsletter or can be downloaded from our website.


Move In/Out and Excavation permits are now available online.  You are required to have these.

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