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Thank you for visiting Lorain Borough on the web; check back often for updates!  Lorain Borough Council would like to invite you to attend the Regular Monthly Council Meetings, held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5PM, to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have as a valued resident of Lorain Borough. 

                                                                                                You can find the latest meeting agenda on our Meeting Minutes and Agenda section...  


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Lorain Borough Veterans Memorial Park Project

Lorain Borough has been working with the Lorain/Stonycreek Hiking Trails and Keller Engineers to revitalize our park and borough land.   We are working on securing grant funding from DCNR and other sources to make our vision a reality.  Here are the plans of what we would like to do.


2022 Burn Permits


You must have a burn permit to burn recreational fires in the borough. If you are caught burning without one you will be subject to fines. Burn permits for this year are effective from 5/1/2022-5/1/2023

Applications will be in the newsletter or can be downloaded from our website.


Move In/Out and Excavation permits are now available online.  You are required to have these.

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